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 Exclusive Hunting and Fishing
in Canada's North


Only accessible by aircraft, Cohen Lake Outfitters ensures undisturbed landscapes and amazing opportunities 


Master Angler Brook Trout, Grayling, and Pike are found up and down the North Knife River.


About Our Hunts

Cohen Lake Outfitters will only book a maximum of four hunters a year, two groups of two hunters only per season!


The hunt is for two people and spans 6 days (5 nights). The package includes a helicopter flight from Churchill, MB to a tent camp on the North Knife river. The flight is approximately 30 min and departs from downtown Churchill. If you are lucky, you will see polar bears or beluga whales in transit.


The primary focus of the hunt is for bull moose. The tag (included with your package) dictates any bull with antlers 4" or greater are legal. Additionally, your moose tag comes with a wolf tag that can be used during your hunt.  We prefer rifle hunters, but if you are an avid bowhunter, this could be an option too.


If you are a fisherman don't forget your gear; after your tag has been filled, you may want to drop a line in the North Knife River. Fly casters and spin fisherman have landed large arctic grayling, brook trout, and northern pike right from camp.


Hunts start mid-September and carry on through early October. Calling and glassing is the primary method of hunting on the North Knife. Each hunter will have his/her own guide and dedicated boat for travel. Each day will start with an early morning breakfast, and shortly afterward hunters and guides will board the boats and travel in opposite directions up or down the river. You may travel as many as 20 Km (12 miles) up or downstream in search of big bulls each day.

Lodging and meals are provided at camp with the occasional shore lunch during the day if that is desired. Day and night, wood stoves keep the tents warm and allow for gear to be dried. Wood floors keep the accommodations clean and comfortable.

Contact us for special request such as non-hunters coming into camp to share in your experience. 

*Fishing license is extra

About Our Hunts

Dates Rates and Items Included

Hunting Season Dates
Group 1: September 22 - September 27 

Group 2: September 27 - October 2

Rate: Contact Us for Current Rates

A deposit of $2500 USD (non-refundable) per hunter required upon booking and full payment is due 60 days before hunt (non-refundable). All deposits and balances paid are completely non-refundable in whole or in part for any reason including but not limited to illness, injury, flight delays, unforeseen loss of income, early departure, late arrival, business emergencies, family emergencies, etc. Please also be aware that any animal that is injured in any way will be considered fatal and the hunt is over.


Coen Lake Outfitter Provides:
-Moose & wolf license*

-Roundtrip flight from Churchill Manitoba to the moose camp

-Lodging in a wall tent with wood floors, cot, sleeping bags and wood stove 

-All meals at camp

-One on one guide service per hunter with dedicated boat

-Trophy and bulk meat packaging for transport

*Fishing and black bear tags can be provided for extra cost

Hunters Provide:
-Transportation to and from your home to Churchill, Manitoba
-Any hotel and meal costs in Churchill
-All personal hunting and fishing gear**
-All arrangements/costs of shipping trophies and meat from Churchill to home

**How to cross the Canadian border with a firearm. The required paperwork can be found here.

Notes on Camp Life
Food is standard guide-prepared in tent camps. Your guides are the best there are, most personally trained and hand picked by myself, Parker Fitzpatrick. They will do their best to provide you with the service and expertise you need to make this a successful hunt, but you need to keep in mind that this is a wilderness hunt, not a lodge hunt with a staff of people to cater to your every whim and desire. The guides will be working long hours each day to make sure you are successful on your hunt and comfortable at camp. Any help you choose to give the guide in terms of cooking, camp chores, etc. is entirely at your discretion but rest assured it will go a long ways towards your enjoyment of the experience and the guide’s ability to focus on his primary objective – getting you a trophy moose! The guides are also outfitted with the latest in Satellite telephone equipment should problems arise. Safety always is and always will be our primary concern.

Dates Rates and Items Included

Other Details

Manitoba Hunting Regulations

Foreign Resident

-Foreign resident moose hunters must book their hunt through a licensed lodge or outfitter, authorized to outfit foreign resident moose hunters.
-A licensed Manitoba guide must accompany foreign resident moose hunters. No more than three hunters may use the services of a guide at the same time.
-Foreign resident moose hunters must only use the services of the outfitter specified on their hunting license.

Canadian Resident

Effective January 1, 2012 the same mandatory hunter education requirements that apply to all first-time hunters and everyone under the age of 19 will apply to everybody when purchasing a hunting license. Therefore, all hunters wishing to purchase any Manitoba hunting license must possess one of the following:
1) A valid certificate or card that certifies the successful completion of the Manitoba Hunter Education Course or the old Hunter & Firearm Safety Training Course;
2) A valid equivalent Hunter Education certificate or card from any other province, territory or country; 
a valid certificate issued under the authority of subsection 4(4) of the Hunter Education Regulation, MR 128/2007 to a person who makes a written declaration that he or she has lawfully held a hunting license in Manitoba or in another province, territory or country before January 1, 1975. If you believe you qualify for this exemption, please complete the declaration form and mail it to the Wildlife Permits Clerk at the address noted on the form. If you qualify, a certificate will be mailed out. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing. 

Hunting ethic

Wounded animals count as killed animals, one drop of blood means the animal is wounded. Every effort will be made to recover every animal you shoot at, but should one be lost, it is considered to be dead no matter where it was hit, moose hunt over.

Other Resources

Churchill Hotels

-Lazy Bear Inn

Commercial Flights to Churchill

-Calm Air


Packing List

What to bring

Since the success of your hunt depends on your gear as well as your ability, it is important to be well equipped. The weather at this time of year is unpredictable and can go from sunny +60 degrees F to -15 degrees F with snow and rain. Preparation is key to enjoying your hunting trip at Cohen Lake outfitters. Please read and follow these guidelines.


It’s extremely important that all guests keep their personal gear to 40 to 50 lbs. Make sure that you pack your gear in a soft cover travel bag (heavy-duty nylon duffle bag or sport bags), as this is much easier to load and maximizes our loads on the aircraft. Due to aircraft weight limitations, overweight baggage may also have to be left behind. The responsibility and discretion will ultimately be with the pilot. Absolutely no coolers will be permitted as part of luggage. You may leave your coolers in Churchill and, upon returning from your hunt, you may use your coolers then to transport meat home.

A few suggested items to add to your normal packing list 

•When crossing the boarder and registering your firearm you will need proper identification, make sure to have your passport.

•Waders suitable for warm weather are highly recommended for getting in and out of boats at camp and hunting locations.

•If not brining waders consider tall Muck style boots with water resistant pants.

•A change of warm cloths for after hunt relaxing at camp

•Two pairs of good quality wool socks.

•Two pairs of polypropylene or wool long underwear

•Fleece or similar warm mid layer

•Water proof lightweight down jacket with hood. (NOTE: wear jacket on helicopter into camp)

•Two pair of warm waterproof gloves.

•Warm hat and stocking cap. One blaze orange, neck warmer

•Rain pants/rain jacket. Get these in camouflaged color and get a good quality, not plastic!

•Underwear and t-shirts or undershirts.

•One blaze orange sleeveless vest.

•Personal items, medicines, and toilet articles.


•Hunting knife

•Sun glasses, binoculars, and camera

•Flashlight (small) and spare batteries.

•Fishing Rod w/ 10 lb test (medium action) and tackle (small spoons)

*Guides will discuss firearm choice prior to your trip

Other Details
Packing List


Parker Fitzpatrick and Donnie Delaroque are lifelong hunters and trappers having spent countless days in the bush.


Donnie who lives north of Winnipeg with his wife Toni and their son Connor. The family takes every opportunity to hunt and fish...

Parker Fitzpatrick has lived in Churchill, MB for over 20 years and originally took a job in the remote northern community because of the trapping, hunting, and fishing opportunities the region affords.

Parker met his wife Belinda in 2006 in Churchill and soon the couple were married. Belinda has run a hotel and restaurant in Churchill as well as manages the on the ground logistics pre and post departure.

Donnie and Parker will be your expert guides with a lifetime of experience on the land hunting, trapping and fishing. 

About Us


Cohen Lake Outfitter

Box 460

Churchill, Manitoba R0B 0E0


Parker: four three one-232-3103

Donnie: two zero four-805-0100

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